Lock Weather creates a lockscreen-friendly clock/weather header that looks and feels a lot like the default lockscreen clock. Tapping the header will show you a 6 day forecast. Lock Weather uses WeatherIcon for it's weather data feed.

Goes great with the Clock Hide extension to hide the default lockscreen clock.

Addes RSS feeds to your LockInfo screen. You can add up to five feeds. The URLs for the feeds are added through the Settings application under LockInfo->Plugins->RSS Feeds.

Adds tasks from the popular GTD AppStore "Things" app to your lockscreen.

Adds tasks from the AppStore 2Do and 2Do Lite apps to your lockscreen.

This version of the Appigo Todo plugin adds native rendering capabilities. It supports both Todo and TodoLite and requires no configuration to work. Currently, you can not select which lists you care about or how many to show. That will be added later.

Add your direct messages, mentions and friend's tweets to your LockInfo screen.

The clock plugin adds a native clock to the LockInfo screen. It includes an expandable calendar, too.

WeatherIcon adds live weather information to your Weather application icon. It also allows you to add weather information to your status bar. When paired with LockInfo, you can add your weather forecast right to your lockscreen. To get visual icons for current and forecast conditions, make sure to install a WeatherIcon theme for WinterBoard.

Native plugins are designed to work with native rendering for LockInfo. If you are running an HTML theme (Gruppled, Matte, etc), your results may be mixed. For best results with these plugins, you should turn off those themes in WinterBoard.